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"Modern and forward-thinking sounds for creative music producers and multimedia composers alike, trying to blur the lines between deep, dark cinematic soundtracks and heavy experimental bass music"

Oblivium Alpha - Dark Complexities for Kult (with Spektralisk)
Oblivium Omega - Dark Complexities for Kult (with Spektralisk)
Converge - Cinematic Bass for Novum
Computer Music Review of Mutant by HydraTek

9/10 rating  M E K K A:

100 cinematic Serum presets to take your futuristic music to the next level. You get basses, hybrids, keys, leads, pads, plucks and SFX. All heavily tweakable, thanks to macros and mod wheels.

Customize until you find that sweet spot, and shape each sound and sequence to its breaking point. Play it all by ear, or tuck into the PDF guide if you want to become a master in soundscape manipulation. It's crazy fun, and the swooshes and tones will have your mind racing off in brave new directions. There's also 100 key and tempo-labeled loops to mess with, and bonus AI art to further sell the vision of this rewarding pack. "

Danny Colomby

(+30 years experienced award-winning film composer/arranger/producer)

'Purgatory Jack' , 'Flee the Light'

"When I see a new HydraTek product on release, I know my ears are in for a treat!

I've come to trust Fabio's creative sensibilities implicitly!

Just when you thought you'd heard it all, Fabio pushes the boundary of possibilities even further.

HydraTek libraries have become my inspiration and secret weapons of the future! 


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