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Unique HQ Sounds

100% Royalty-Free

One-Time Payment

"Modern, superior and forward-thinking sounds for creative music producers and multimedia composers alike, trying to blur the lines between deep, dark cinematic sound design and heavy experimental bass music"

Poetically Dark

Sci-Fi Futuristic



Deeply Emotive








Computer Music Review of Mutant by HydraTek

9/10 rating  M E K K A:

100 cinematic Serum presets to take your futuristic music to the next level. You get basses, hybrids, keys, leads, pads, plucks and SFX. All heavily tweakable, thanks to macros and mod wheels.

Customize until you find that sweet spot, and shape each sound and sequence to its breaking point. Play it all by ear, or tuck it into the PDF guide if you want to become a master in soundscape manipulation. It's crazy fun, and the swooshes and tones will have your mind racing off in brave new directions. There are also 100 key and tempo-labeled loops to mess with, and bonus AI art to further sell the vision of this rewarding pack. "

Danny Colomby

+30 years of experience Award-winning Film Composer/Arranger/Producer

('Purgatory Jack', 'Flee the Light')

"When I see a new HydraTek product on release, I know my ears are in for a treat!

I've come to trust Fabio's creative sensibilities implicitly!

Just when you thought you'd heard it all, Fabio pushes the boundary of possibilities even further.

HydraTek libraries have become my inspiration and secret weapons of the future! 


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  • What type of sounds does HydraTek provide and how can they be used?
    HydraTek provides high-quality, professionally hand-crafted sounds and presets for various industry-standard software synthesizers that can be used in multimedia scenarios such as music production, concept albums, movies, video games, podcasts, documentaries, and commercials. The sounds cover different categories and moods mainly focused on modern sci-fi, horror, dark ambient, bass music, cinematic electronica, IDM, and the more experimental, edgy, and futuristic genres of music, allowing for versatile usage in different creative projects. Thanks to an extensive and creative mapping system over the patches, you can sculpt your own sound through macros, modulation wheel, and MPE controls too. To get an idea of the sound aesthetics, check out the demo showcase of the Genesis soundbank for Phase Plant realized in collaboration with Spektralisk:
  • Who is the target audience for HydraTek's sounds?
    The target audience gathers everyone from hobbyist creative music makers to AAA composers and sound designers for films, trailer music, and video games, and anyone else involved in media production who is looking for superior, modern, deeply customizable sounds and inspiring content that tries to pushes the boundaries of what is currently available in the music industry to enhance their projects in a unique way. Let me be your secret weapon 😉.
  • What makes HydraTek different from other manufacturers of presets and samples?
    Simply put, most of my competitors try to recreate current trend sounds or genres heard in commercial records, fooling you into thinking that the key to your success in the music industry will be buying one of those packs. My ambitious but humble goal as a sound designer is to inspire other artists by crafting sounds people haven't heard of yet. I strongly believe that innovation comes from experimentation. I don't sell false hopes, I sell a vision. Are you with me? ;) Let's break the rules together ⛓️
  • Are HydraTek's sounds royalty-free?
    Yes, all sound effects and music loops provided are 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you have the right to use the sounds in your commercial projects without any additional fees. This makes the process of using the sounds straightforward and cost-effective for you, without having to deal with obscure license terms or recurring subscriptions. Of course, you cannot copy and re-sell the products in any part, intellectual property is always mine.
  • What software requirements are needed to use HydraTek's sounds?
    The soundbanks crafted for a specific synth like Serum or Pigments require the latest version of the software to load the patches. A detailed PDF is always included in any pack to describe the installation. The sample packs provide sounds in WAV 24-bit, 48KHz making them compatible with both DAWs and video editing software, for ease of integration into your workflow.
  • What payment options are available?
    You can pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or business cards. If you choose PayPal, you also have the option to 'buy now, pay later' in three installments. The payment is secure and hosted by Wix Payments. Your personal data are not shared with anyone.
  • What happens after I purchase a product?
    After completing the checkout, you'll be redirected to a page to download the digital assets of the soundpack, and you'll receive a confirmation email with the link valid for 30 days (don't be bothered by this, you can always ask me a new link if the old one expires). You can also sign in to the website to track your orders and details, for a optimal shopping experience.
  • Is there a loyalty program for regular customers?
    Of course! I highly appreciate your support for my work, and each purchase gets you a reward in Hydra-tokens. Once you achieve the threshold of 50 Hydra-tokens, you can redeem a unique coupon for a 40% discount on any products in the store. Read all the info here.
  • Can I buy gift cards? How do they work?
    Yes! You can purchase gift cards of different tiers (Bronze/Silver/Gold) for yourself or others. Once purchased, you'll receive an email with your unique coupon that can be applied during checkout in the "Redeem a gift card" field. If the sale is worth more than the card's value, customers can pay for the remaining cost using other payment methods. On the other side, any amount left over after making a purchase can be used in future purchases. More info here.
  • Is there an affiliate program for HydraTek's products?
    Yes! You can become an affiliate by registering for free at this portal. Here, you'll find a unique URL to share with others and track the orders made by people purchasing any product on the store after clicking on your link. Each successful referral gets you a 15% commission. Payments are issued via PayPal.
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