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About me.

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'HydraTek' is the name which summarizes my artistic vision: 'Hydra' recalls the mythology and a dark fantasy inspired world, present in the music I craft in the form of a deep, dark cinematic influence, looking for special soundscapes which aim to provide a context to narrate a story; 'Tek' is about my continuous research and love for sound design, high-tech and futuristic inspired sonic explorations mainly influenced by heavy underground bass music. Overall my aesthetic is about those two worlds combined together to create what I like to call Cinematic Bass Music, spanning different subgenres in the electronic music scene. The different 'heads' of the hydra are a metaphor for my eclecticism and the two polarities in my name can sometimes be found in an harsh contrast between delicate, emotive melodies and twisted, aggressive basslines.

I've been producing electronic music for over a decade and I graduated in Sound Engineering at the Conservatory of Milan with 110/110.

At the moment I'm attending the second-degree program in Sound Engineering & Multimedia and doing a variety of projects including sound editing and post production for short films, selling my soundpacks on online stores, creating educational content for my blog, collaborating with media composers and more.

Visit my linktree and credits page for keeping up to date with all my current projects.

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