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Continuing the series where it stopped, a new chapter is born...


After L O S T, a contemplation of cinematic electronica through space, and M E K K A, an exploration of an unknown high-tech planet, HydraTek proudly brings you the first part of a trilogy:

X Y R O N - Experimental Electronica for Serum, a closer look at a cybernetic civilization through intricate, complex, and organic sequences, deep and gritty drones, broken and glitchy patterns, sci-fi sound effects, and more.


Each of the 50 presets of the pack made for Serum has been carefully designed to be heavily customizable with all 4 macros assigned, including the special XYRON macro, and the modulation wheel as well, giving you plenty of dynamic and timbral variations easily and efficiently. 


You'll also find 50 sample loops, made with the aforementioned presets for a taste of what you can do with them, and a special hand-made Serum skin to fit the concept of the pack. 


Whether you're a Cinematic composer looking for electronic sequences to supplement your scores, or an Electronic artist spanning genres such as Techno, Drum & Bass, CyberPunk, or IDM I'm sure this pack will provide plenty of inspiration for your next project.


Embrace a journey of experimental electronica, blurring the lines between cinematic sound design and forward-thinking electronic music.


All sounds in the demo are taken from the included presets

[Links are on the right under 'Demo Mix' and 'Video Showcase']

X Y R O N - Experimental Electronica for Serum (Part - A)


Buy 2 Sound Banks Get 1 For 50% Off!

    • 50 sequences presets for Serum
    • All 4 Macros + Mod Wheel assigned for flexible customization of the presets
    • Special 'XYRON' macro, present in each preset, to bring the unexpected to any patch
    • 50 sample loops key and tempo labeled to suit your projects
    • Custom Serum skin
    • HQ Artwork of the pack
    • 4 minutes Demo Mix
    • PDF Guide of the pack
    • 100% Royalty-Free sounds to use in your own productions

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