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Conceptually sequel of my previous sample packs M A G M A - Heavy Drum Design and T H R O N - TechnoTronica with PO-14, following the same experimental ethos, I proudly introduce you to

F U T U R A - Hectic Sequences, made by programming and sampling the quirky, mighty KORG Volca Drum


The result is a futuristic vision of IDM, Techno, Noisecore & Glitch influences, all at a playground of 120 BPM and sharing a common feeling of urgency and digital edge, perfect for giving your productions a unique energetic lift.


You will find +470 samples divided into Kits & One Shots for ease of workflow and instant sequencing. Kits are pre-made, processed patterns and loop variations divided into thematic folders, while one shots give you access to a wide variety of the signature Volca Drum sounds, giving you the ability to build your own kits.


Expect to find everything from busy, hectic sequences with a powerful, blasted character to minimalistic ones with a pristine, digital sound, from metallic and resonating drums to saturated, dirty basslines, from atonal and noise-centered loops to hybrid melodic drum patterns and more..


Futurize your beats now!


The Demo Mix is made entirely with the kits sequences provided 


Listen to the demo mix here.


Watch the presentation video here.

F U T U R A - Hectic Sequences

    • 472 samples divided into 221 loops and 251 one shots.
    • 21 Kits Folders 
    • 6 One Shots Folderskick, clap, bass, percs, open and closed hi-hats.
    • BPM & Key Labeling 
    • HQ Artwork of the pack
    • +5 minutes Demo Mix
    • PDF Guide of the pack
    • 100% Royalty-Free sounds to use in your own productions
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