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This mini-album consisting of three tracks explores the transition between various stages of dark and light achieved mainly by an harsh contrast between ominous, aggressive basses and delicate, bright top melodies, since in Japan the dawn is called in different ways according to the various phases of sunrise, hence the name of the EP 'Shades Of Dawn'.

I worked with Tateshi, a talented japanese media composer to combine our strenghts and influences in order to create a unique blend that we like to call Cinematic Bass Music; we tried to narrate a story through sounds and evoke images to almost generate an audiovisual experience just with music alone.

This was our ambition and goal and we will continue this project for a complete album in the future.

Immagine 2022-11-16 005035.jpg


Opening track of the EP, it instantly sets the tone and soundscape within the listener will be immersed in, before entering into full darkness and unknown territory with tension increased over time.

A mysterious and adventorous welcome to our sonic environment exploration, combining unusual instrumentation with abrasive basses.


"A tarnished soul, lost, and a man bringing the burden of it. The demons are inside him, they persecute him.. but suddenly a desire, a light of hope gives him power, enough power to fight, aiming for self-acceptance". This is the story of every human being feeling oppressed by his own thoughts and having the courage to overcome them. Shaped as a dark fantasy-inspired track, it blends orchestral elements with bass music influences for a cathartic journey inside the deepness of yourself.


Akarui Mirai in japanese means 'bright future' and we thought it could be a nice fit for the title of our third track which has a very uplifting and adventorous vibe overall, but at the same time the syncopated rhythm combined with the aggressive basses resemble and evoke the obstacles you have to fight during life. We truly hope our final track of this EP will give you the confidence to watch to the future with the right mindset and interior strenght.

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